Thursday, February 19, 2009


We got back from Hawaii a couple weeks ago. We went with our good friends and neighbors Bill and Jandie to Oahu, and then our good friends Chad and Jessica met us in Maui. We had such a great time. It was so beautiful there. It was whale season and we saw some very amazing things close up. It was a wonderful time and it was hard coming back to the cold weather.

Us at Kimo's. They had this amazing dessert called the"Hula Pie" The restaurant was right on the water and we went there three different times just for dessert. It was huge and great!!
Whales within 10 feet from our boat. It was so cool to see them so close up.
Me and Jandie at our favortie breakfast place, "Boots and Kimos" best macadamia flavored everything!


The back of out condo

Rob's Heaven!! He bought this hat and was in heaven. To make it even better the condo had an umbrella available for use. He loves being out of the sun!

Oahu Temple