Friday, June 4, 2010

9 Months

I can not believe I am 9 months old today. Things have gone by so fast, and I am getting bigger every day. I got my first tooth up top 2 days ago. I was not even fussy.

~if you look close you can see it:)~

For my nine month birthday, my mom took me to my aunt Cookie's house to go swimming. It was not technically my first time, but we got no pictures the first time. I loved the pool today, and it help they keep their pool at 90 degrees.

I was so comfortable in the warm water and shade I almost fell asleep. It was such a fun day!

Our next goal is to make me gain a little weight. My 9 Month appt I only weighed 15.8lbs to I get a lot a treats, and we go back to the doctor in a couple weeks to make sure I am growing enough.