Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is Near

I love love Christmas time. It's a fun time to get together with family and friends! I love the feeling Christmas brings;focusing on the savior, listening to Christmas music, and spending time together.

Christmas jams.

Got his bumbo early and he loves staring at everything.

Last week, and I had a Chirstmas get together with some girl friends, and then Jarin and Taci threw a party for the friends. We had a great time!!

My visiting teacher gave me a great article about Christmas being a time to celebrate babies, "We focus on Jesus around the holiday, but it's also about the baby;small, helpless and new. That first Christmas night, his hands had not yet healed the sick, raised the weary. His lips had not spoken to multitudes to teach about his father. His shoulders had not yet lifted the cross and his head had not worn thorns. On this night Jesus was a baby, wasn't yet mighty or great, he was sweet, innocent, pure and perfect. Most importantly he was full of the hope and promise of what he would become. That is what is great about this day is we get to remember the hope of perfect and powerless newborn wrapped in swaddling clothes. We all get to feel the hope of a newborn child, wondering what would become through perfect faith, working a little harder to become like that little child. "
This obviously affected me due to Driggs being in our family this year and having a different understanding of what's important.

We can not wait for Christmas Eve and Day to arrive!! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Week.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving, and St. George

This Thanksgiving, we ate dinner at Jan's house(which was delicious as always)stopped by my Grandma Hart's, and then that night drove down to St. George.

My family, Grandma Ostler and Mindi, Danny and Whit came to St. George.
It was really fun to all hang out together.

Whitney and Driggs getting ready for bed. He always just stares at her. Loves her.