Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun

Summer has been so fun! Driggs is at such a fun age to play with, and he enjoys everything! We have been trying to do as much as we can the days I am not working! He loves to be outside; swimming, riding his bike or four-wheeler or just running around.

Cash and Driggs in the backyard making smores... this is a sight to watch. Cash was good at getting his done, Driggs was good at gettin his extra done! He just likes to put the stick and let the mallow burn off:)

We had a big family party (not like we don't all the time, but this had a purpose)

My aunt and uncle got called to be mission presidents in Brazil, so we all had a last get together.

They will be amazing over there, but we will miss them!


We went to San Diego over father's day! This year Rob and I both said was our favorite! We did so many fun things with everyone. Driggs was so easy and good. The kids all played so good! It was just perfect!

We got Driggs the BEST bed! It's a blow up toddler bed. It has sides so he can't roll off. He thought it was pretty awesome and loved sleeping in it!

(Brayden and Driggs being silly)

The beach... love playing in the sand and water


( Jan and Driggs)

Rob's family was going to Disneyland on Father's Day. I wanted to go so bad, but we were nervous Driggs would not understand the lines, get impatient, throw fits, whatever 2 year old do! We decided to go the day before... and we had to best time ever!!! We got there right when it opened! The weather was perfect. Not hot at all, which in June is great. It was cloudy all day, but never rained. We hardly had to wait in any lines. Rob's family has disneyland down to a T. We get in lines, then whoever is out with the babies goes and gets fast passes to o,ther rides. We seriously had to wait only 20 longest and it was for Mr. Toads adventure! Driggs was amazing. Loved everything! Rob said after(since he needed the convincing) that he was SO happy we went.


Driggs loves Mickey Mouse. It's his favorite show. He still gets the biggest smile if you asked him "Did you go see mickey?" But, let me tell you, he hates life size creatures. Was terrified. Oh well.. He still loves him.

Back Row... i tried to make everyone doing a silly face. Looks like only Jen and I got the memo.


We did smores one night on mission bay.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I always try to update sooner... oh well:) For easter this year we had a great day. Driggs basket was not hidden too well, but he was so nervous to take it out from under the table.
Easter morning!!

Finally we dug into the basket and got our goodies out!
We went to my parents for breakfast and an easter egg hunt.( Benefit of being an only grandchild.. get to search for eggs at your own pace.) His basket was FULL! We then went to grandma Jan's for dinner and another egg hunt. Some of her eggs have money!! Lauryn saved a section of eggs for Driggs because the older kids are so fast at gathering up things. Luckily we don't care if we get one or ten!
Alyse, Driggs and Brayden

A couple weeks after Rob and I went to Miami and Key West. We had a great trip down there, and are so thankful to my family and Jan for watching Driggs. He had a good week. Pack N Plays are apparently no longer his "thing" so he got to sleep in his grandparents' bed EVERY night!
We got to go to the First game of the playoffs against the Celtics. That was a fun game. The energy there was crazy..and they won so that was even better!
Key West.. it was really pretty and fun down here! Every night they celebrate the sunset at Mallory Square. There are performers and treats.. and then you watch the beautiful sunset!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Driggs turned 18 months old in March... he weighed 21.12 lbs and 34 inches. He is consistently 7% for weight and 50% for height~ it is nice that he fits into clothes for a long time. He just started wearing some 18-24 month tops and this summer will still fit into most his shorts from last. He has started nursery, and lets just say Rob LOVES it:) I have to be in primary so Rob gets to play in nursery. I honestly thought with me working, and him being babysat a couple times a week he would transition okay, i was wrong, he cries as soon as we start walking out the door, i know that's normal, but does not stop. Separation Anxiety is something I never wanted my kids to have, so we are taking it slow. Maybe after some good consistent time he will adjust? That's the hope! Other than that he is a fun, good boy figuring out just what buttons he can push:) His new thing is spitting, at anything. Mad, happy, just by himself. Who knows.... I am trying to ignore it to see if it will just go away, because other discipline just hasn't worked well with that one. He loves to be outside, so any nice day we are getting, that's usually where we are! I am grateful for Driggs in my life... I think being a mom makes you a better person.. well that's the goal!

My good friend Janee got married the end of March.. she looked so beautiful!

We went to the aquarium with Roman and Lisa. It was pretty cute. I love that the kids are all getting a little older, because they are starting to really play with eachother. Driggs runs around that place like he owns it, and Roman had never been.. so the first tank we looked at a huge fish came swimming right towards Roman's face and he was terrified that it was going to get him...He screamed.. I don't blame him:)
After that we went to the park for our cousin play group. It was so nice and the kids all have fun together!!

Michelle sitting with Driggs, Whitney, Logan and Bridger

Conference Sunday... Sun to Snow!
I loved conference this Spring. It was very inspirational and I feel like every talked gave me something I want to work at. Service.. being a big one. Last night for Relief Society we went to Globus, which is an organization that ships supplies out to other areas in need, and we organized medicines, beauty supplies, medical equipment, etc... but it makes you realize how many people need the smallest thing, like vitamins, and how much we really have. Simplifying your life gives you more time for everything. Less to organize:) more time to receive inspiration from the lord on things that really need to happen or matter!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better Late than Never:)

Christmas(Yes I know so long ago) We had such a great time this year. Driggs was at such a fun age. He was a little overwhelmed at times, but had a wonderful day. Christmas Eve we had our tradition of dinner at Jan's house, and then my Grandma Harts for talent show/nativity! Driggs was Joseph this year, quite a different role from baby Jesus last year? He also performed a little dance in the talent portion of the evening... to his favorite"hey soul sister"

Christmas morning... getting ready for Driggs to wake up. He was so cute coming down the stairs.. he kept saying"Woah, Woah" at everything!
My family and Jan came over and watched him open their presents, and some of his santa presents.

This was the face he made when he saw what santa had brought him.., and let me tell ya he had no fear. He would full throttle it down the hall, run into the wall and start all over. I was a little nervous. I told Rob he needed a helmet and everyone laughed at me, I guess its only 2 MPH?
Christmas Day at Grandma Hart's!

For New years we went to Scottsdale with Jan for a warmer get away.. we went to a Zoo type place? called The Wildlife Park? I would have thought it was a Zoo in Mexico, because you could get so close to the animals? Feed Giraffe, only a double chain link fence between you and the leopards(Rob tried to touch ones foot.. bad idea it seriously almost got his finger, hello?) and could walk around with kangaroos. Driggs had a blast though!

He is growing so fast.. Just turned 18 months. We have his appt. Thurs so we will post his big growth then:) Prob not much!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Time

As Christmas gets near, I get more excited. This is not Driggs first christmas, but it feels exciting because we can start our family traditions, and he enjoys them more . We have been having a great
December. We went downtown as a family a couple weekends ago. We went to gateway, shopped, ate dinner, then took trax down to see the lights. It was a perfect night! The weather was great and Driggs was such a content boy. He said "WOW" at every tree with lights on it (which is every tree) We have had fun getting Christmas ready.. and have actually enjoyed shopping with everyone else!

We are thankful for the birth of our savior, and the great sacrifice that he gave for us. I am grateful that I get to spend eternity with my family and that we are given the blessing to enjoy Christmas seasons! I wish that all year round had the same special feelings that Christmas does. I am sure that we enjoy it even more because it only comes once a year!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

I did not take any pictures on thanksgiving day (dang) I forgot! We had such a wonderful thanksgiving this year, and are so thankful. I am thankful for my family and friends, a job that I love, Rob and Driggs for making me so happy, and the things that surround us every day.

Driggs learned that he can get out of Gus' dog door, he was just throwing everything out of it, and I guess thought to throw himself out.

Driggs got his new JAZZ jersey... do you think he likes it? What a cheese.
Thanksgiving we had two wonderful dinners, an early one at Jan's and then we went to my grandma's after. We left for St. George that night, and talked Megan and Aaron into coming. We had a fun weekend and Driggs got lots of attention. He was cuddly at this point of Aaron holding him. I love it when they cuddle, even if its not me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little past due~

Driggs is almost 14 months old, but I wanted to wait until we got his one year pictures done to do his one year post.

The year has flown by...seriously. It has been the best year. Driggs has been the best boy. He sleeps great, eats great, is happy, and is just a joy for our entire family. I love him beyond words can describe. It is crazy the love you can have for someone. He has grown so much and it is so much fun to watch him learn new things everyday. Their brains amaze me, how one day they just "get it"
He is starting to say words, makes sounds when he plays with anything with wheels, can take two or so steps, loves to dance, and loves attention. He is pretty chessy!
We love our little boy and can't wait for all the other milestones we get to enjoy!

Newborn Pics... 1 week

2 month pictures

7 months

10 months

Driggs One Year Pictures... Thanks again Jen!