Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too Long!

(My camera battery is pretty much dead, and I need to charge it )
Everyone likes excuses, right?

Driggs: where do I begin. He is amazing. 6 1/2 months, and the best baby. I seriously don't know why I got so lucky. He will go shopping for 5 hours( like yesterday with Grandma, Gabi, Mindi and Megan) sleeps through the night, rarely cries, and loves to play and laugh!
He is still small, but that's okay with me. I get a baby for longer.
lbs: 14.8 8%
inches: 26 50%
He loves peak-a-boo, bath time, dancing, and the outside. He is so special!!

Anytime in the morning he gets to come into our bed, it's like a dream to him. He sleeps like a log in our bed, why is that, and loves to cuddle.

His new high chair. He thinks he is a big boy!!! He loves to throw his toys on the ground. Soon enough I know it will be food for Gus!
We leave on a cruise in three weeks, so about a month ago, he had his first trial weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house and he did so good. Let's hope he is great for Cookie and Grandma Jan.

Jessica and I threw a shower for Megan. She is due in almost five weeks. Can't wait for the little guy. Meg looks adorable! We had such a fun time catching up! It's always good to see friends.

I am now charging my camera, so lets hope I step it up in the picture department.