Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, a post.

Ok, I have not posted forever! I feel like all I have to post about is my belly growing, which has been so much fun, but not very exciting for everyone else. We babysat Rob's sister's three kids for three days this month, and we had a blast. It's crazy going from 0-3 but they are such good kids.

Alyse&Braden(I did not get a good picture of Drew)
Discovery Gateway~thanks Gabi for all your help
Starting mid May, I started doing hair just from my home. Rob finished the basement in February and built me a beautiful salon. He does such an amazing job! It has been such a blessing to work just from my house and my clients have been so supportive. I was so scared of change coming from the salon, but I could not have asked for anything better. It will be perfet when the baby is here.

2 comments: said...

Oh, I am glad that you finally updated your blog! You now just need to be consistent! :)

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Yippy for updating your blog. Your salon is so great. I love your house. Oh and Whit is just the cutest!