Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too Long!

(My camera battery is pretty much dead, and I need to charge it )
Everyone likes excuses, right?

Driggs: where do I begin. He is amazing. 6 1/2 months, and the best baby. I seriously don't know why I got so lucky. He will go shopping for 5 hours( like yesterday with Grandma, Gabi, Mindi and Megan) sleeps through the night, rarely cries, and loves to play and laugh!
He is still small, but that's okay with me. I get a baby for longer.
lbs: 14.8 8%
inches: 26 50%
He loves peak-a-boo, bath time, dancing, and the outside. He is so special!!

Anytime in the morning he gets to come into our bed, it's like a dream to him. He sleeps like a log in our bed, why is that, and loves to cuddle.

His new high chair. He thinks he is a big boy!!! He loves to throw his toys on the ground. Soon enough I know it will be food for Gus!
We leave on a cruise in three weeks, so about a month ago, he had his first trial weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house and he did so good. Let's hope he is great for Cookie and Grandma Jan.

Jessica and I threw a shower for Megan. She is due in almost five weeks. Can't wait for the little guy. Meg looks adorable! We had such a fun time catching up! It's always good to see friends.

I am now charging my camera, so lets hope I step it up in the picture department.


Lisa said...

Cute Pics, Al!! Oh that little Driggs is so darn cute. I love him. He and Roman need to have a play date. Maybe to OshKosh this week?? :) Thanks for all you do for me. Love ya! said...

I didn't know that Driggs got a high chair! He is just getting to be such a big boy! Let me know if you need help with him this week..

Erin Jared Morgan said...

Jared and I just went on a cruise and left Sawyer at home too! It was hard but we had such a blast and it was so nice to have some alone time with Jare! My mom kept telling me, just remember that he is still little enough that he has no sense of time so he wont remember that you were gone for so long! That made me feel better! Im sure he will do great!

Greg and Ky said...

You are lucky he is such a good baby! (and so cute!) I am jealous of your upcoming cruise, your going to have so much fun!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

I just love that little guy! I don't get to see him enough. I am glad you updated your blog:) I think someday I will consider updating mine. I mean it has only been a year...

AMIT said...

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