Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jackson Hole

Last weekend we went to Jackson Hole with Rob's family. Marty and Karli could not make it, but Lauryn and Bridger came with us. Driggs was in heaven the whole time with kids everywhere to play with. As you can tell, he loves to give kisses. This night he and Lauryn were playing with his truck, and he kept giving her the biggest kisses. It was so funny and she was definitely a trooper getting so slobbery.

He is walking against everything now. He thinks he is pretty cool because this is a "big boy" thing to do.

Friday we went to the park and played. Walked around town square, went on the alpine slide, and that night went to a chuck wagon dinner. It was such a fun night. They took us up the mountain in wagons, and the horses were Driggs favorite thing. He thought they were pretty sweet. We then ate dinner and they did a little show.
I love these cutouts. I think they are hilarious.

I could not resist this headband. Driggs as a little COWGIRL? He would be a pretty cute girl to.

Driggs turns one in a week and a half, and I am going through a little bit of denial. He was always so little. I bought him some Jammies a while ago that were 12 month thinking he could wear them this fall, and they pretty much fit him now. Normal... yes of course.. but for my baby I feel like he should still be in 6 month clothes! He is growing and that is amazing. We love him to pieces.


Jodi said...

K seriously when can we get together with you has been so long. I can't believe how big Driggs is getting he is so cute! said...

Oh I haven't seen you guys in over a week. All these pictures are making me miss the little guy!!Gol.... He is stinkin cute!