Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall is in the Air

It is kind of sad to see the sun leaving us.. We will miss being outside all the time. I do love fall, the holidays that it brings, and the scenery. We ended our nice warm summer in Lake Powell. Driggs had such a great time, and I could not have asked him to be better. He loved being with all his cousins.

We had an awesome beach, and the kids would play out there all day.

He loved riding the jet ski, and even more than that he loved the tube. He would be so sad when we would stop. I think I laughed more than all the kids on it with us.
He loved all the meals.. Fruit, donuts, muffins, more fruit!! He loves to eat.. yet he is still so small.
We have been appreciating the cooler weather, we went up to brighton to walk around the lake and have a picnic. This is our favorite!
The kids insisted on riding in the same stroller, even though Mindi had her brand new sweet double stroller!
Random picture but Driggs loves to help me clean! He is such a great helper:)
Our fall has been filled with football games.. and what is the best way to get through the games?

We had a wonderful summer, it goes by way to fast. Driggs is already 13 months, becoming a "big boy"and it's so much fun, but so sad how fast it goes!!!

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I love the sucker pictures! So cute.