Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun

Summer has been so fun! Driggs is at such a fun age to play with, and he enjoys everything! We have been trying to do as much as we can the days I am not working! He loves to be outside; swimming, riding his bike or four-wheeler or just running around.

Cash and Driggs in the backyard making smores... this is a sight to watch. Cash was good at getting his done, Driggs was good at gettin his extra done! He just likes to put the stick and let the mallow burn off:)

We had a big family party (not like we don't all the time, but this had a purpose)

My aunt and uncle got called to be mission presidents in Brazil, so we all had a last get together.

They will be amazing over there, but we will miss them!


We went to San Diego over father's day! This year Rob and I both said was our favorite! We did so many fun things with everyone. Driggs was so easy and good. The kids all played so good! It was just perfect!

We got Driggs the BEST bed! It's a blow up toddler bed. It has sides so he can't roll off. He thought it was pretty awesome and loved sleeping in it!

(Brayden and Driggs being silly)

The beach... love playing in the sand and water


( Jan and Driggs)

Rob's family was going to Disneyland on Father's Day. I wanted to go so bad, but we were nervous Driggs would not understand the lines, get impatient, throw fits, whatever 2 year old do! We decided to go the day before... and we had to best time ever!!! We got there right when it opened! The weather was perfect. Not hot at all, which in June is great. It was cloudy all day, but never rained. We hardly had to wait in any lines. Rob's family has disneyland down to a T. We get in lines, then whoever is out with the babies goes and gets fast passes to o,ther rides. We seriously had to wait only 20 longest and it was for Mr. Toads adventure! Driggs was amazing. Loved everything! Rob said after(since he needed the convincing) that he was SO happy we went.


Driggs loves Mickey Mouse. It's his favorite show. He still gets the biggest smile if you asked him "Did you go see mickey?" But, let me tell you, he hates life size creatures. Was terrified. Oh well.. He still loves him.

Back Row... i tried to make everyone doing a silly face. Looks like only Jen and I got the memo.


We did smores one night on mission bay.

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Jenny Hart Turk said...

So Fun! Looks like San Diego was a blast!