Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Driggs turned 18 months old in March... he weighed 21.12 lbs and 34 inches. He is consistently 7% for weight and 50% for height~ it is nice that he fits into clothes for a long time. He just started wearing some 18-24 month tops and this summer will still fit into most his shorts from last. He has started nursery, and lets just say Rob LOVES it:) I have to be in primary so Rob gets to play in nursery. I honestly thought with me working, and him being babysat a couple times a week he would transition okay, i was wrong, he cries as soon as we start walking out the door, i know that's normal, but does not stop. Separation Anxiety is something I never wanted my kids to have, so we are taking it slow. Maybe after some good consistent time he will adjust? That's the hope! Other than that he is a fun, good boy figuring out just what buttons he can push:) His new thing is spitting, at anything. Mad, happy, just by himself. Who knows.... I am trying to ignore it to see if it will just go away, because other discipline just hasn't worked well with that one. He loves to be outside, so any nice day we are getting, that's usually where we are! I am grateful for Driggs in my life... I think being a mom makes you a better person.. well that's the goal!

My good friend Janee got married the end of March.. she looked so beautiful!

We went to the aquarium with Roman and Lisa. It was pretty cute. I love that the kids are all getting a little older, because they are starting to really play with eachother. Driggs runs around that place like he owns it, and Roman had never been.. so the first tank we looked at a huge fish came swimming right towards Roman's face and he was terrified that it was going to get him...He screamed.. I don't blame him:)
After that we went to the park for our cousin play group. It was so nice and the kids all have fun together!!

Michelle sitting with Driggs, Whitney, Logan and Bridger

Conference Sunday... Sun to Snow!
I loved conference this Spring. It was very inspirational and I feel like every talked gave me something I want to work at. Service.. being a big one. Last night for Relief Society we went to Globus, which is an organization that ships supplies out to other areas in need, and we organized medicines, beauty supplies, medical equipment, etc... but it makes you realize how many people need the smallest thing, like vitamins, and how much we really have. Simplifying your life gives you more time for everything. Less to organize:) more time to receive inspiration from the lord on things that really need to happen or matter!

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Well said als.. I love all the cute pictures!

Kari said...

You are such a good mom! Have fun with that cutie!

Lisa said...

such a little cutie! Loved the aquarium... we'll have to go again sometime!