Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better Late than Never:)

Christmas(Yes I know so long ago) We had such a great time this year. Driggs was at such a fun age. He was a little overwhelmed at times, but had a wonderful day. Christmas Eve we had our tradition of dinner at Jan's house, and then my Grandma Harts for talent show/nativity! Driggs was Joseph this year, quite a different role from baby Jesus last year? He also performed a little dance in the talent portion of the evening... to his favorite"hey soul sister"

Christmas morning... getting ready for Driggs to wake up. He was so cute coming down the stairs.. he kept saying"Woah, Woah" at everything!
My family and Jan came over and watched him open their presents, and some of his santa presents.

This was the face he made when he saw what santa had brought him.., and let me tell ya he had no fear. He would full throttle it down the hall, run into the wall and start all over. I was a little nervous. I told Rob he needed a helmet and everyone laughed at me, I guess its only 2 MPH?
Christmas Day at Grandma Hart's!

For New years we went to Scottsdale with Jan for a warmer get away.. we went to a Zoo type place? called The Wildlife Park? I would have thought it was a Zoo in Mexico, because you could get so close to the animals? Feed Giraffe, only a double chain link fence between you and the leopards(Rob tried to touch ones foot.. bad idea it seriously almost got his finger, hello?) and could walk around with kangaroos. Driggs had a blast though!

He is growing so fast.. Just turned 18 months. We have his appt. Thurs so we will post his big growth then:) Prob not much!

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