Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Time

As Christmas gets near, I get more excited. This is not Driggs first christmas, but it feels exciting because we can start our family traditions, and he enjoys them more . We have been having a great
December. We went downtown as a family a couple weekends ago. We went to gateway, shopped, ate dinner, then took trax down to see the lights. It was a perfect night! The weather was great and Driggs was such a content boy. He said "WOW" at every tree with lights on it (which is every tree) We have had fun getting Christmas ready.. and have actually enjoyed shopping with everyone else!

We are thankful for the birth of our savior, and the great sacrifice that he gave for us. I am grateful that I get to spend eternity with my family and that we are given the blessing to enjoy Christmas seasons! I wish that all year round had the same special feelings that Christmas does. I am sure that we enjoy it even more because it only comes once a year!

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